WMSSA is the student voice of the Waikato Management School. We aim to connect, educate and support students to give you the most out of the students' time at The University of Waikato. From Networking to Pub Quizzes to Themed Balls, WMSSA aims to build & facilitate an environment for the success of WMS students.

2022 BOARD

Mckenzie Northcott


Eden Qualtrough

Vice President Governance

Hannah Bennett

Vice President Operations

Mihirangi Wickliffe

Communications Manager

Sophie Meszaros

Marketing Manager

Katie Blunsdon

Branding & Communications Assistant

Maddi Sykes

Marketing & Social Media Assistant

Tessa Ewens

Events Manager

Katelin Bartlett

Events Assistant

Makayla Su'a

Communications/Events Assistant

Caroline Maggof

Education Events Assistant

Mary Grant

Education Manager

Bryna Karl


Harriet Yeoman

Assistant Treasurer



The Waikato Management School Students' Association exists to help students bridge the gap between classroom theory and the actual business environment. We do this by providing Waikato Management School students with networking and mentoring opportunities at events that are held throughout the year. Connecting students to the business world is our priority. 

By attending WMSSA events management students will have the opportunity to kick-start their own careers, as well as learn more about the business world and the industry they wish to enter. WMSSA events are free, and the opportunities and ideas you take away will be invaluable.


Creating an environment where WMSSA is central to facilitating career engagement, professional relationship building and Waikato Management School students’ pursuit of success.

To educate Waikato Management School students regarding the value of resources available at University and in the business world.

To connect Waikato Management School students with businesses, University staff and other students who can aid success.

To support Waikato Management School students in their endeavours to pursue career success.


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