New 2019 WMSSA Executive Board Announced

After a Robust nomination and voting process, we were super stoked to have every position on our board contested for (except for Treasurer). This is the first time for a while this has happened and we are certain that the new board will do an awesome job for the coming year!

2019 WMSSA Executive Board:
President: Ursula Monney
Vice President Governance: Pragnesh Morarji
Vice President Operations: Nicole Davey

Treasurer: Irfan Noori
Events Manager: Mia Milne
Events Assistant: Bianca Henley
Events Assistant: Michaela Bell
Volunteer Advisor: Aimee Elliott
Communications Manager: Isabel Leeming
Branding Advisor: Madison Rennie
Branding & Communications Assistant: Srishtika Prakash
International Ambassador: Maude Kutuapi
International Ambassador: Mitika Chaturvedi